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Sushi Maker Kit
Sushi Maker Kit
Sushi Maker Kit
Sushi Maker Kit

Sushi Maker Kit

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  • šŸ£ā™„ EASY TO USE: No rolling required, our hand made sushiĀ maker is the easiest way to make sushi. With this kit even a beginner will be able to make rolls. Using our sushi maker you can cook sushi rolls with your children for a sushi party.
  • šŸ£ā™„Ā HAND MADE: We craft our sushi maker right here in New Zealand using high-quality naturalĀ Kauri wood.
  • šŸ£ā™„ QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This sushi maker kit comes with the essential ingredients to make sushi rice. Including somethingĀ for mum to relax - yummy miso soup and direct from JapanĀ chunky, luxurious Pocky Double Strawberry. Each bite will infuse her mouth with the heavenly combination of soft whipped chocolate and sweetly tart strawberry.
    • Hand made Kauri Sushi maker
    • Mama san Soy Sauce 150 ml
    • S&B Wasabi paste 43g
    • Dragon Food pickled ginger 50g
    • Dragon Food roasted seaweed 30g
    • Mama San Sushi rice 1kg
    • Marukome Instant Miso Soup 216g 12 servings
    • Tamanoi Sushinoko Sushi rice vinegar powder
    • Pocky double strawberry 12 sticks
  • šŸ£ā™„ CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Our sushi making kit comes with step by step instruction.Ā 

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