Order before 10AM for delivery between 11AM-12:30PM (School Orders cut off 10PM day before)


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We only deliver to business and work offices in the shaded orange area.
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Residential delivery only available for platters and special catering orders.

All other menu items we only deliver to business and work offices.

We are always looking to expand our delivery zone and as we grow we will be able to serve more of Auckland.
Unfortunately if your address is not in the delivery zone we can not deliver or make any exceptions.
Please do let us know if you are intrested by going to our contacts page as we are always revising our delivery reach and If we have a huge demand for a particular work place we can try come up with a solution.

Any school that is in our delivery zone

Minimum order required for free delivery is $8.00

A flat delivey fee only $3.90

Free delivery on orders over $50

Free delivery for all school orders

Your order will be delivered between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. We cant guarantee a time it will arrive but will commit that you will receive your order in this delivery window.

Your order will be dropped off at reception for you to be notified and pickup. If there is no reception in your business or work office we will text you when we are onsite. Alternatively when placing your order let us know of any special delivery instructions.

Payment is made online at the time of ordering using your debit or credit card.
No dont accept cash or Eftpos payment in person when your order is delivered.

Please select your order carefully as refunds are provided at the sole discretion of the Location and are not guaranteed.

If you let us know before 11AM using the CANCEL form we will be able to refund your money. There will be a 30 cent charge for electronic transaction fees and will take upto 5 working days for the refund to get to your bank account.

If you let us know after 11AM while your order is being delivered we will not be able to provide you a refund.

School orders need to be placed by 23:59 Tuesday. Teachers please order from the school menu so you are not charged delivery fee. Your order will be included in the school order delivery.

Parents please select the correct delivery date!

As schools have different lunch times we are unable to take any late orders so we can deliver school orders on time.

How to order for school:

1. Set up an Account (you only have to do this once)
Create new account at https://ricerunner.co.nz/account/register

2. On the My Account screen, click ‘View Addresses’ then 'Add A New Address'
On the Your Address screen enter:
Your Name
Company: (School Name e.g Kohimarama School)
Address: (School Address e.g 112 Kohimarama Rd)
Post Code: (School Post Code e.g 1071)
Tick ‘Set as default’ address

3. From the menu bar select: 'Order Now' then 'School Lunch'

4. Select item to order for lunch. 

5. Select options and enter student/teacher name, select your school, enter your room number, enter quantity and click Add To Cart (We use this information to know who to deliver the order to)

IF you want to order for another student click on 'Continue Shopping' and repeat from step 4.

6. Enter post code eg 1071
Select the Wednesday delivery date: e.g. Wed 21 February and then click the time 11AM - 12PM.
Click ‘Check Out’

7. Confirm Delivery Address 
Click the New address dropdown triangle and select what you had enter in step 2

Drop Down Address

8. Click ‘Continue to delivery method’

9. Click ‘Continue to payment method’

10. Enter credit card details (Our website does not save your payment details how ever you can enable your browser to save for you)

11. Click ‘Complete order’

Video: How to order for school

Top right hand corner of the website is a icon for the shopping cart (it looks like a bag) you are able to edit quantity or delete order items here. How ever there is a bug for mobile device users where they are unable to delete order items. We appoliges for this inconvenience and are trying to resolve this. There is no work around for mobile device users and would have to switch to a desktop/laptop to delete order items from cart.