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authentic taste of asia for dinner

As part of our vision to be New Zealand's leading Asian food delivery brand we will be launching the first ready made meal subscription service specialising in authentic Asian cuisine! Freshly made delivered to you.

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a sneak peak whats coming

malay chicken curry

Chicken Curry can be viewed as one of the most iconic Malaysian dishes. Chicken curry can be found everywhere, from road side stalls to high-end hotels. Simply a must have on the dinner table.
Chicken curry comes in different varieties, this recipe represents the Malay Malaysian version.    

EGG PLANT & TOFU with SPICY garlic sauce

This is a very popular Chinese Malaysian vegetarian dish.
Slightly pungent, yet delicious tasting with a bowl of rice.  


If you like Asian food, this is a must try, crispy fish, pungent but lovely sambal and crunchy prawns.

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