Pickup + Delivery (order before 10:30AM for delivery between 11AM-12:30PM)


Our vision is to be the leading Asian food delivery service in New Zealand expanding our menu to specialize in Asian foods.

Fresh Taste

We use fresh quality products in all our food that is prepared on the day to every order. You know your taste buds better than any one so we give you the option to select your ingredients



We are all busy so we want to help by delivering food to your workplace or school. No more waiting, commuting and unhealthy food options. 


Happy People

Not only we want happy customers ( if you are not 100% satisfied with our products or service we guarantee we will make it right ). We want to be a service that makes people happy in the work place and school, this is done


A Team That Loves To Create

Hi my name is Vincent the founder of Rice Runner

Thanks for stopping by my journey started out in 2015 as a mobile Sushi franchise one of a few that operated in New Zealand. I would drive around in a bright green van stopping at work places offering Sushi and Bento Box. The van has custom stainless steel shelving in the back and a modified air conditioning duct from the front passenger of the van that blows cool air over the shelving.

At this time companies like Uber Eats did not exist and the mobile food space was majority food trucks. I loved this concept of bringing convenience and healthy food together but the franchise model didn’t give me the freedom to be creative and give maximum value to my customers.

Leaving the franchise, I created Rice Runner and has pivoted its business model a few times. More importantly we are now able to adapt to our customer needs and embrace technology rather than being seen as a food van we now see ourselves a food delivery service.

At the heart of Rice Runner we are a small selection of food suppliers that have passed a strict selection criteria.

All our food suppliers have at least 10 years experience in their food industry and have existing raving fans. They are in good standing records with MPI and Council food hygiene implementing up to date and best practice food safety compliance.

Bringing it altogether I’m a one man band across website, marketing, managing suppliers, new business, logistics and customer service.

Due to the heavy impact COVID-19 has on the hospitality industry we see our biggest value we can provide right now is our ordering and delivery platform. We are now opening up our platform to your favorite local Asian food stores. Many are family business who lack the resources to sell online and delivery.



Asian Food Delivered Your Way